Welcome to Grass Roots Fishing!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Many of you are probably thinking..."Great, another online retailer for fishing gear and tackle". I think the same thing and understand that the market is flooded, but rest assured, you will love Grass Roots Fishing as it grows. 

Grass Roots Fishing is dedicated to showcasing some of the most innovative and new products on the market. For example, many of you visited the American Tackle Booth at the 2017 FLW Cup in Columbia, SC. When there you saw some amazing new baits from Wake Lures and wanted more...so here is your Largest US online retailer for Wake Products. You also saw the amazing line of American Tackle Braid and Fluorocarbon. If you want the best, look no further. All available line classes and colors are for purchase. And of course, you could not miss the coolest lure refinishing product on the market -- JigSkinz. You want them, we have them. 

The most important goal for Grass Roots Fishing is to highlight and promote small manufacturers of amazing fishing gear and tackle. Stay tuned for new products and don't hesitate to ask for something...maybe we will start carrying it.

Thanks for looking and tight lines.