Wake Jig Wobbler

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A new innovative hybrid lure with a novel and unique swimming action. It combines a medium fast sinking head with a wobbler body. This action allows the lure to swim attractively while sinking and being retrieved. The swimming action is versatile and can be modified easily according to changing conditions. WAKE JigWobbler can be used to fish from top to bottom depending on how it is reeled in. Effective also in trolling. JigWobbler 6 inch is the groups toughest bait which tolerates very fast retrieves.

2 inch, 1/4oz model fits best in shallow waters for all species of bass and for panfish trolling or when you want a slower sink rate.

2 1/2 inch, 2/3oz model works nicely for largemouth, spotted bass, and smallmouth.

3 1/8, 1oz model is an anglers basic tool. JigWobbler can be retrieved in  many ways with amazing results. Retrieve JigWobbler aggressively near the surface, making a pause now and then:  just one of the many ways to work this bait.

6 inch, 2 1/3oz model brings a new dimension in hybrid baits.



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